Salisbury, MA-Wastewater Disinfection & Controls Upgrade

The Salisbury WWTP will be upgraded to enable tidal discharge operations. The required upgrades include increase in hydraulic capacity at the Disinfection Building and enhanced control and monitoring of the tidal discharge flow.

  • The work includes upgrade of the existing electro-mechanical controls system with a new SCADA system and PLC control network. Provide (3) PLC control panels: in the Operations Building; at the Lagoon II Effluent Pump Station; and in the Disinfection Building. Provide SCADA hardware and software for two control stations. Install and configure PLC network including underground fiber optic media between buildings.
  • Demolish the four existing UV units and replace with three (3) 2.0 MGD horizontal low-pressure inline UV units and associated controls. Replace existing piping and instrumentation upstream of the disinfection units to increase capacity to accommodate tidal discharge.
  • Selected instrumentation, laboratory equipment and portable refrigerated samplers shall be replaced. New flowmeter and dissolved oxygen metering shall be installed at the Lagoons.
  • Remove the existing electrical equipment at the Disinfection Building and install new electrical components. Provide all electrical work associated with the new equipment and controls throughout the project.